Where Are the Men in the Overthrow of Roe?

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Justice Alito has determined that women do not have the right to decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term but what about their male partners? Why aren’t more men protesting this decision that will impact them emotionally and financially? Since 5 old men and 1 woman have determined that women must bear unwanted pregnancies, under current law, their male partners must bear responsibility to raise the child, pay for their housing, food, clothing, education, and medical care.

But why isn’t anybody talking about the impact on men in this? The only example I’ve seen of a man taking responsibility to protect women and their providers from this decision is Glen Funk, the district attorney in Nashville, who said he would not prosecute doctors performing abortions or women who choose such a procedure. “I will use my constitutional powers to protect women, health providers and those making personal health decisions.”

But I’ve seen no articles considering the impact of this decision on the lives of men who do not want to father a child that is the result of an unwanted pregnancy. The rights of these men have been destroyed as well under this ruling. Men also need to be aware that Justice Thomas is threatening their use of contraception to prevent unwanted fatherhood.

It’s time for men to stand up and be counted in support of reproductive health rights.

28 Comments on “Where Are the Men in the Overthrow of Roe?”

  1. Maureen, I believe you are an intellectually honest woman, so I trust that I can ask you this, without being instantly silenced as I have been in other platforms: The flip side of your question is, where is the place to hear voice of the father who does not want his pregnancy to be terminated, who would choose to rear and support a child, not as a burden, but as a gift? In the ongoing debate about abortion, I think this is the probably most neglected point of view (barring the point of view of the developing person whose future is being decided by powerful others). If we are going to consider male perspectives, would it not be fair to hear the voices of all men involved, and not just the men who land on our preferred side of the debate? Please remember to give all men and women a fair hearing, and not just those whose opinions align with yours.

  2. Unfortunately, both women and men, non-gender humanoids, etc., are victims of the ongoing civil war that has become a cultural civil war pitting machismo males that must enslave women as well as own assault rifles to show their fake masculinity, contra caring human-beings who still believe in Loving Thy Neighbor as Thyself. If we truly care for others as we care for ourselves will we care for children and the right of women and men to choose how they want to live their lives.

  3. I’ve been wondering this too, Maureen. Maybe we need to be more inclusive in our protesting. While some men have joined the marches, are they seen as only being there to support the women in their lives rather than, in many cases, as emotional participants in the decisions around abortion? I subscribe to Anand Giridharadas’s newsletter, The Ink. In his edition today, he added a link to a filmed podcast “Man Enough.” Giridharadas suggests it is a new way to think about the role men can play in the fight to save abortion rights:

  4. Justice Thomas and the rest of the the theocracy have a lot to learn! Women and men will not allow this inane ruling to stand. The need to become more involved in election at the grassroolts and take back the states that right wing Republicans currently control has never been more important. Work to change what you believe in!!!

  5. Thanks Maureen for the great article! I asked my husband about this (he’s a big current events reader) and he says that from what he is reading, the reality is slowly sinking in. There’s a lot of discussion amongst men on Reddit boards about the reality of even thinking about sex going forward. The question will be, of course, if any action will be taken to DO something about it. The insanity of this is beyond comprehension. And clearly the court is not ready to stop with just this. Where is Lysistrata when we need her? On a positive note, I dug my dissertation out and started working on it again a couple of weeks ago. Time to finish that and get it out there. 🙂 Thanks so much for all your encouragement and for holding the torch in these dark times.

    1. I wonder if those men who are thinking about sex going forward are willing to get vasectomies to participate in reproductive health. Then there wouldn’t be the necessity for so many abortions. Yeh about your dissertation!! Yes, finish and publish!!

      1. A most excellent question. And absolutely true. Imagine if any man who did not want to support children properly was required by law to get a vasectomy. Wouldn’t that be interesting . . .

  6. As always, Maureen, you bring a fresh perspective on this difficult topic. You break through the polarities that seem to bind most discussions on anything. Thank you for this unique angle that must be gotten out to the larger public.

  7. THANK YOU MAUREEN. Point so compassionately and brilliantly taken. And I agree – why is THIS not part of the conversation? Thank you. How can I share this? I love you for speaking it so simply and clearly.

  8. I continue to wonder why there are so many people seeking abortion when the issue is actually birth control. Men and women have control of their responsibilities and their bodies with the use of birth control.
    I get it, many religious folk don’t believe in this, rape, extenuating circumstances, etc.. Birth control and education are fundamental. BUT Shame on those judges who are actually right wing extremists… such a sad state of our country at this time. We must get out the vote in November to overturn this tragedy.

  9. As always, you nailed it, Maureen. This is so important for us to post and share. Thank you for being an intelligent voice and a bright light in a time that appears to be descending into darkness. We must all speak up.

  10. Well said and hopefully heard by all males. This ruling has a ripple effect that affects every person in the Untied States as well as our reputation as a free country. The court has changed the definition of life, by giving a fetus with cardiac activity the same protection as a living human. Cardiac activity does not define life as ruled by the Determination of Death Act 1981 to present.

  11. Right on the mark, Maureen. Of course women bear most of the emotional, and all of the physical, effects of pregnancy, whether carried to birth, terminated by natural miscarriage, or terminated by an abortion. But men are affected also, and need to realize that this Supreme Court decision diminishes their freedom and threatens to do more if Justice Thomas has his way. Let’s hope more men show the courage and caring of the Nashville District Attorney, and support the brave women who are continuing the fight.

  12. Oh yes Min – WTF – how can this get more press/awareness/realization in the whole horrendous mess?? Thanks for writing this, it is so important – as are you, dear friend !

  13. Dr. Murdock —, As always you pinpoint critical participants in determining agency over women’s bodies—men as Fathers.

    WHERE ARE ALL the IMPREGNATORS IN UNDERSTANDING SCOTUS’ Decision that discards 5-decades affirming women’s PRO-CHOICE rights to have agency over their own bodies?

    TRAGICALLY, your words reveal the prejudice and deep misogyny of SCOTUS’ 6-members (including Roberts) who also in their decision highlight “lying” under oath as OK, which 4-members of the Court modeled during their own vetting (Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett). Yet, McConnell’s continuous obstruction and violation of Senate procedures and his oath of office continues as the Court’s bagman model for lying.

    Your penetrating (pun intended) inquiry quoted below must be addressed by the COURT to equalize its current ruling that subjugates women back into pre-modern times:
    “Since 5 old men and 1 woman have determined that women must bear unwanted pregnancies, under current law, their male partners must bear responsibility to raise the child, pay for their housing, food, clothing, education, and medical care.”

  14. Exactly what I’ve been thinking. There’s a man involved in every pregnancy. Do they think just women are being put down and oppressed by this decision? If they think they are so superior, just wait until they see the consequences to themselves as well as the women they love (in some cases). But I’m sure Clarence the Clown is planning to find a way to absolve men from any consequences. He must be impeached.

    Devastated in Albuquerque

  15. You are absolutely right, Maureen. And I have said the same thing to many men and women since the verdict was handed down. In fact, I’ve been saying the same thing throughout the 50+ years I have been advocating for reproductive rights. The criminalization of reproductive rights is misogyny, pure and simple, and silence on this issue is equal to the endorsement of misogyny.

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