The Heroine’s Journey:
Follow Your Blissters Podcast

An interview with Will Gethin
August 17, 2022

In this Follow Your Blissters Podcast, Will Gethin interviews Maureen Murdock, a Jungian psychotherapist, photographer and author of the ground-breaking bestseller The Heroine’s Journey and other books, whose work explores the mysteries of the psyche, a fascination with mythology and a love of storytelling and memoir writing. In this episode, Maureen introduces her heroine’s journey model, which she created to better represent the psycho-spiritual development of women she felt was overlooked by Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey framework.  She also explores her own lived experience of traveling through the 10 stages of The Heroine’s Journey, including her mythic journey of descent to the underworld.

Listen to the podcast here.
Stay tuned for a new episode on September 14.

About Follow Your Blissters:
In association with Conscious Frontiers, the Follow Your Blissters podcast, hosted by Will Gethin, explores the personal journeys of trailblazing thought leaders and changemakers through the lens of The Hero’s Journey. Created by mythologist Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey is a template or map that describes an ancient, archetypal pattern for myths, fairy tales and stories, which has been applied to modern films, and which we can all use to guide and make sense of our own lives.

Joseph Campbell was also famous for his mantra for living “Follow your Bliss”. He later updated it to “Follow Your Blisters” acknowledging that when you truly follow your authentic calling you’ll inevitably meet considerable challenges and it’s through life’s challenges that we get to overcome our fears and grow. Real bliss tends to be hard-won, all the greater for any endurances borne along the way.

Sharing the inspirational human journeys of maverick modern pilgrims, the Follow Your Blissters podcast offers a stimulating resource to inspire and guide you to find your true calling and follow it, navigate any challenges arising, and share the best of your evolving skills, wisdom and experience for the benefit of your community or the wider world.